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lex steele

Lex Steele Review

In the old days, the biggest names among guy performers in the adult industry were John Holmes and Ron Jeremy. Nowadays James Deen is well-known because of his...

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office obsession

Office Obsession Review

There was a time when it was perfectly natural to have an office romance, but the 1990s and the explosion of sexual harassment cases have surely made it less common...

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too many trannies

Too Many Trannies Review

Transvestites have a long history in film, but transsexuals and transgenders are now in vogue these days. You have trans models walking the fashion runways, and then...

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Stoya XXX Review

Stoya is an anomaly in the porn industry. In fact, she’s widely considered as the first “alt” porn actress who signed an exclusive contract with a major studio...

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backroom milf

Backroom MILF Review

Some people just don’t age well. They age spectacularly. Kate Beckinsale is almost 42 years old, and Salma Hayek is almost 50 years old. Alyssa Milano still looks...

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Magical Feet Review

There was a time when fetishes were not topics for public discussion, but times have changed. Now many educated people realize that they’re much more common than...

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Babes Logo Review

The babes are the primary reason why men (and even women) watch porn, regardless of what some self-proclaimed expert might say. More than a third of all downloads online...

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Hometown Honeys Review

There’s always a bit of a thrill when you realize there’s a good chance that you’ll meet a porn actress one day. We’re not talking about going to a porn...

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bangbros logo

Bangbros Network Review

It’s probably not all that hard to figure out that porn’s hot on the Internet right now. A BBC investigation on the matter found that about 4% of all websites are...

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Sorority Sluts Review

It’s not really that much of mystery why sororities offer plenty of great possibilities in porn. Even though many sorority chicks themselves say they’re all about...

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