Alura Jenson

Alura Jenson Review

Nobody’s really surprised when they found out that Alura Jenson used to be in the military. Look at her—she’s tall, and from head to foot she’s packed in all the right places. She’s got a huge ass, and for the boob fans she has a fantastic pair of 42G busts. Add all these assets to her unending passion for bodybuilding, and you’ve got yourself a formidable Amazon woman who’s also very alluring.

Now if you want to ogle at that magnificent physique in action, all you need to do is to head on out to the Alura Jenson XXX Website.

Features of the Alura Jenson Website

She was already married with two kids when her sexuality went into overdrive. So she got her honorable discharge from the military and a divorce, and then promptly went to Las Vegas as a stripper. She was an instant hit, as she was curvaceous and her tiny waist nicely set off her huge ass and boobs.

Within a year she accepted a proposal for her entry into the porn biz. It was sensible on her part because her appetite for sex was going nuts, and she was fucking everyone in sight. At least the porn biz gave her some measure of protection. She was already 34, but she looked great nonetheless.

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This sexual hyperdrive is pretty much evident when you get a peek at her website. She’s gorgeous in all her videos, and the HD quality of the vids really displays her splendid physique to good effect.

She fucks men and women with equal abandon, and she fucks everywhere. You can see her in action in the kitchen or in the bathroom. And she does everything, including interracial, threesomes, and anal.

And what’s more she also loves doing cam shows too, and as a member of her website, you get to see her and talk to her while she performs. The Alura webcam shows are legendary in the biz, as she treats her audience as friends.

In fact, the entire Pornstar Platinum network will treat you as a friend, because once you become a member of the Alura Jenson site you also become a member of all the sites in the network. That’s 27 websites at least, with daily updates and regular live cam shows.

Membership Requirements

So are you man enough for Alura Jenson? That depends. But it’s very easy to get your fill of Alura because a trial membership is only $2.95 and a 30-day membership is just for $24.95 a month. That’s not even a dollar a day.

And for real discounts, perhaps you should just get the 90-day membership, which further reduces the cost to only $19.95 a month. For those who really want to get the best deal, the best option is the 1-year membership, which translates to a negligible $7.50 a month or 25¢ a day. Seriously, if you complain that 25¢ a day for 27 websites will be too much for your budget, Alura Jenson herself will pound you to dust.

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