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There’s always something to be said when you watch amateurs having sex on film. There’s the certain freshness there that’s really invigorating. They haven’t yet really learned to fake orgasms, and their authentic reactions to sucking a dick and being filmed for the first time can really be quite a turn on. Some of them go on to become stars, while others just take advantage of the easy money and then go back to their private lives. But you will always have a memory (and the footage) to commemorate the event.
Now some “free” amateur porn clips can really be frustrating, since the footage is usually taken using low-quality phone cams, and the cameraman’s hands are shaky to boot. But you won’t have that problem with, which shoots high quality video for your pleasure.

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There are several reasons why you should really consider a membership here instead of just relying on the usual free standbys online. For one, you can say goodbye to all that crappy video resolution you are used to. Here, the videos are all shot in 1080p HD. Superb clarity is what you get.
Then you also don’t have to download the films first before you can watch them. The video will stream to your device (including mobile devices) like YouTube, so you can watch what you want immediately.
And if what you want are amateurs, then that’s exactly what you get. Each babe is interviewed so that you get the chance to know her better, then they’re all thoroughly fucked. The vast majority of the amateurs here are young and vivacious, but there are stunning MILFs and cougars as well.
And they come from all over the US, and that means there’s always a chance that she’s from your hometown. That’s also one of the thrills of watching amateurs—it’s very possible you can bump into her at any time.
Finally, here’s the most important advantage over the freebies—there’s some “quality control.” The women are all gorgeous, so you don’t have to watch some fat slob or some wasted druggie get fucked on camera. The women all have nice bodies which you can drool over, and they have that fresh look seen on the sexiest amateurs. It’s that newness and freshness which is very hard to ignore.
Membership Costs
Now if you just want to take a peek to see if it’s all real (it is), then you can get a three day membership for a measly $1.95 which you can pay using your credit card, by phone, or even with a Bitcoin. For a month’s worth of access, you pay just $24.95, which is less than a dollar a day. But for truly massive savings, you can just get a membership for an entire year for just $114.95, which translates to just $9.58 a month. That’s less than 32¢ a day.
That’s peanuts, when you realize that you can be there when the next porn superstar takes her very first steps into porn.

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