Asian 18 Review

Asian porn. Even in this day and age, there’s still something that’s intriguing about Asians that Western men just can’t get enough of. There are the Chinese and Japanese porn stars, and there are the brown-skinned babes from India, Thailand and the Philippines. Either way, they’re different in a refreshingly good way, and they offer a new experience after spending so much time with blond Caucasian chicks.
But there’s a rather politically incorrect part of the fascination for Asian porn stars, and that’s the fact that so many women from Asia would be carded if they ever ask for a drink in a US night club. This is true even if the girl is in her 30s. They just look so petite and slim, and their faces are so youthful. You’d easily mistake them for a teenager, and that can make you feel somewhat guilty.
Definitely Adult Asians
And that’s why Asian 18 makes sure you know that the girls they show in their videos are really adults. They’re at least 18 years old. You know they’re all legal, even though they all look lusciously fresh.
And at Asian 18, they’re all doing lots of nasty stuff in lots of different configurations. You’ve got boy-girl scenes, lesbian scenes, scenes with black dudes, threesomes with either two guys or two girls, and for some interesting variety you have Asian chicks with both a white girl and a white guy.  There are even some anal scenes with massive black cocks, just to show you how uninhibited these girls can get. They get it done, even when they seem too small to fit such huge cooks in their asses.
And you get the videos in HD, so you can say goodbye to all that blurry free video crap.

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Bonus Websites
But Asian chicks are not the only great porn stars you see when you become a member. That’s because you automatically become a member of the porn network. That means you get total access to other sites like:

  2. Bootyclapxxx
  4. Tit World
  5. Lesbian Ass
  6. Fuck Fiesta
  7. Pornstar Hardcore
  8. Vavoom
  11. Booty Sisters
  12. XTSY

All these can be yours, if the price is right.
Membership Fees
And the price is definitely right. For a 2-day membership, that’s only $1.99 which is cheap enough for you to confirm that you now have a huge porn video library to browse through. You can then get a month’s membership for $29.95, or three months for just $59.85 ($19.95 a month). For a huge discount, you can get a year’s membership and you only pay $9.95 a month. That’s $119.40 total, or just 33¢ a day.
Having all these exotically beautiful chicks humping and slurping on your monitor for just 33¢ a day already seems like a good deal. Having another dozen websites open to you makes it a truly wonderful deal you can’t just pass up, not if you like quality porn.

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