Ass Parade

Ass Parade Review

Back in the 1990s, there’s a story that circulated regarding a little tiff between uber-supermodel Cindy Crawford and Jennifer Lopez. In an interview with Self magazine, Crawford remarked: “I don’t know if I would have the guts to walk around with that butt. Is it cultural, or what was she given in self-confidence that I wasn’t?”

Well, it was Jennifer Lopez who ushered in the era of the full round butts, and nowadays Kim Kardashian is well-known for that particular asset of hers as well. And if you’re one of the guys who thank all the gods who ever were for all these full round butts in the streets and in porn, your first stop online has got to be the butt-celebrating Ass Parade.

Who’s Parading in the Ass Parade?

It’s not really so much as who is in the Ass Parade as to what’s in the Ass Parade. And like the title of the website should tell you, it’s all about ass. Goddamn, it’s all huge asses everywhere on the site.

But that doesn’t mean you don’t get to look at the beauty of these babes. These butts are attached to some truly gorgeous girls. A lot of them are Latina, but some are white chicks while there are black babes too. Many of them are virtually amateurs with only a few videos (or even a single one) to their names, while of course there are superstars too including the undeniably alluring Jynx Maze.

And since Jynx Maze is here then you undoubtedly realize that there’s going to be a lot of anal scenes in these videos as well. That’s just in case the “Ass” in “Ass Parade” didn’t clue you in. So if anal is your cup of tea, this is the site to go to.

But there’s more here than just anal. There’s also public sex (such as fucking on a street corner as cars pass by) and also interracial, along with massage videos. There are threesomes too, as well as outright orgies.

Check Out More Free Previews At The Ass Parade Website Here

When you have more than 500 videos as of last count—they keep adding to the videos with the constant updates—you’re pretty much going to satisfy your ass and anal porn cravings. They’re all full length videos too and they’re in much better quality than you get with the free porn sites.

In fact, you’re pretty much going to satisfy all your porn cravings. As a member you get full access to the entire Bangbros Network. And that’s a total of more than ten thousand (10,000) videos for you to download. They’re all collected from the dozens of websites in the Network, so the updates are daily.

How Much Will It Cost to Join the Ass Parade?

With the hundreds of videos in the Ass Parade and the ten thousand videos in the network, you’re probably anticipating a reaming when it comes to membership cost. But in reality, the cost is laughably low. It’s a dollar to check it out for a day, and $29.95 to get a month’s worth of downloads.

It will take years for you watch them all if you have a life, but the yearly rates offer substantial discounts. You only pay $9.95 a month, for a total of $119.40 for the year.

Visit The Ass Parade Website Here