Asses In Public Review

There’s something just a bit titillating about seeing gorgeous women being naughty exhibitionists. The very idea is quite exciting, because you never know just when you’ll see a woman in public displaying her boobs, butt, pussy or all 3. Also, there’s this idea that sometimes forms in your head: if she’s this wild, maybe she’ll want to fuck me too!

Well, who knows? If you want to see who these hot and crazy chicks are, you may want to take a long look at

Girls and Their Crazy Antics

In, the standout girls include Luscious Lopez, Sheila Marie, Britney Stevens, Kelly Divine, and Sunny Lane. There are lots of girls here, and they share some things in common. For one, they’re all attractive. Two, they’re also quite prominent in the ass area. And finally, they’re not ashamed about going naked in public.

The action can get a little intense. The babes go up to guys and they’re free to grope and kiss her wherever. This is in public, so sometimes there are passers-by and cars driving through. There’s also the issue that someone will call the cops. But that risk doesn’t seem to faze these ladies, because pretty soon they’re getting fucked—in public. Sometimes the ladies even go in pairs for a bit of variety.

Bonuses seems like a heck of a website even just by browsing through its pages. But if you become a member, you automatically become part of the entire Brazzers network. This means you’re a member of 30 Brazzers websites, including sites that specialize in teens and porn stars who all seem to have a thing for big dicks, and also very naughty wives and babes in uniform.

All in all, your membership gives you access to “more than 3,000” scenes, or at least that’s what the website says. But a single page of their offered video scenes list 18 videos, and there are 308 pages. If you do the math, that’s 5544 videos total! And if you consider that they have daily updates…well, it’s not surprising that in 2012 Brazzers won as The Best Membership website.

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So how much will all these amazing stuff going to cost? Actually, not much!

  • 2 Day Trial Membership @ $1
  • 1 Month Membership @ $24.95/month
  • 3 Month Membership @ $16.65/month (33% Off Regular Price, Billed $49.95 Once Every 3 Months)
  • 12 Month Membership @ $7.95/month (68% Off Regular Price, Billed $95.40 Once Annually)

With a trial membership at just a dollar, you may want to hold off sleep for 48 hours so that you can get your fill of all these fine asses on public display. But the 12-month membership makes more sense, since you pay less per month. And when you consider that a membership in gives you access to a total of 30 Brazzer websites, it means that you’re paying less than 27¢ for each website per month.

So what are you waiting for? Just go for it and be a member. You pay next to nothing, and yet you get to see hot asses in public and other fine ladies doing all sorts of perverted things for your virtual pleasure. There’s no need to suffer from free poor-quality videos when you can watch thousands of high-quality videos virtually for pennies!

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