Avy Scott

Avy Scott Review

Avy Scott is one unforgettable pornstar. That’s partly because she’s freakin’ gorgeous. She’s got long blonde hair, smooth skin, and curves in all the right places going for her. And there’s that look she gets—one part innocent, and one part devious too.

It’s that dichotomy that defines Avy Scott’s sexual history and career. She was a college girl, yet at the same she was also doing live masturbation shows online. The money was good that she went into porn full time. She was a little bit shy, but she explored her sexuality by using “the job” as an excuse. It gave her an alibi to do things that she didn’t really do in her private life.

She entered the biz in November of 2001, and she saved most of her earnings so she retired after 6 years or so. Then the recession came along and with her student loans needing to be paid, she decided to return to the industry in 2009. Now the economy is doing much better, but Avy’s in it for the money and the fun.

Take a look at her in action at the Avy Scott Official Website, and you know she’s really having a ball.

Features of the Avy Scott Website

The first and perhaps most important thing you’ll notice here are the videos—there are lots of them here, and they’re all in HD and exclusive to the site. It’s a true pleasure to see Avy Scott in action, because she seems so eager to fuck everyone—girls or guys, white or black, it doesn’t matter.

Here you’ve got twosomes and threesomes, interracials, facials, solo shots, glamour shots, behind the scene footage, and whatever else that strikes your fancy. There’s even a very long interview here just like in a mainstream documentary, except it’s more relaxed as Avy is naked and her legs are spread as she divulges many of her secrets.

Check Out More Free Previews At Avy Scott’s Website Here

And if all these goodies aren’t enough to get you going, keep in mind that this website is actually just one of the 40 or so websites under the PUBA Network. And to be a member here is to be a member in all these websites too. They all have HD videos and large archives, so even with the fast download speeds it will take you a while to watch them all.

Membership Costs

So what will it cost you to become a member of at least 40 premium websites with HD videos and daily updates? You can try it out for 5 days, and that will only cost you $5 total. A regular membership for a month will also set you back just $29.97 a month. For a dollar a day, that’s actually less than 3¢ a day per website.

Now if that’s not enough savings for you, then perhaps you can get a membership for 3 months in advance. Instead of paying the usual $89.91, you only pay a total of $49.97 instead. That’s only $16.66 a month for 40 websites. If even that’s too expensive, then perhaps you can stop watching porn for a while and concentrate on getting a real job.

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