Babes Logo Review

The babes are the primary reason why men (and even women) watch porn, regardless of what some self-proclaimed expert might say. More than a third of all downloads online are about porn, and of the 40 million Americans who regularly visit porn websites about 13 million of them are women.

The problem is that while a fourth of all search engine queries are connected to porn (for a total of 68 million search queries a day), everyone knows that using Google to look for porn is not exactly an efficient use of one’s time. It’s not always true that the websites with good SEO are actually the best porn sites.

So here’s one good shortcut you can try. Just go to the, sit back and enjoy.

What’s In is a fairly recent launch, and it’s a combination of two excellent websites (Office Obsession and Stepmom Lessons). In the beginning of the year, the websites only featured a dozen or so videos so the offering really looked thin. But has gone full pedal to the metal since then and the resulting increase in the number of videos in the archive is amazing. Now there are hundreds, with more than 700 videos as of last count, and each video comes with its own photoset.

So is basically a database of high quality videos, and that’s the beauty of it. You can sort the videos by “couples”, “lesbians”, or “solo”. You can sort them by release date so you can see the latest updates, or you can look at the most popular scenes. The videos can be rated by the members, so you can see how often they were viewed and what the other members thought of the videos.

There are as of last count 373 models featured here, and they range from teens to MILFs. Most are either on the slim or athletic side, so fans of big women are out of luck. But skin color types do vary. The models all come with a bio along with stats.

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Only a handful of videos feature condoms. Some scenes feature music, but in general the production values are excellent with good lighting. The videos are all in HD (1920 x 1080) for the downloadable videos, although you can download the lower quality videos if you want. With bitrates of up to 12,000k, the quality is very high indeed. The streaming videos also look good, with 1280 x 720 definition.

All in all the growth is amazing, the download speeds are fast enough, and the quality of the videos can rival any of the other more established websites.

Cost of Joining

There are still less than a thousand videos in the archives, but that can quickly change because of how diligent has been about updating. So it’s a good buy, but it’s not expensive to join.

The basic trial membership is just for a dollar for 2 days, but with the recurring fees afterwards that’s not your best option. Get a month’s membership for $29.95 or better yet get 3 months in advance for just $59.95. For a year, it’s only 99.95 and that’s the most beautiful deal of them all.

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