Can She Take It Review

When someone’s a professional, it doesn’t just mean they get paid while an amateur gets nothing. You’d expect them to know more and to perform better at their job.

So you’d expect a lawyer to know more about the legal process and a doctor to know more about diseases than a regular layperson. A plumber can fix the plumbing better than a DIY enthusiast, and an NBA player should be better than any playground hero.

We expect the same level of professionalism from porn superstars as well. After all, it’s their job. But while they may give out sex advice, for porn fans the real test is in the videos.  And to see if they can really perform as well as they should, you should check out Can She Take It.

What Can You See in Can She Take It?

The site is part of the popular Mofos Network, which has really gained a lot of notice for its beautiful amateurs and newbies in porn. But for Can She Take It, the focus is more on well established stars.  A lot of familiar faces are in here, and they range from young starlets to MILFs.

But the question remains for each porn actress: Can she take it? First, they’re confronted with rather large cocks to begin with, and it’s a bit of a challenge to get these cocks in the mouths and pussies. But some of them succeed, and they may even try to stuff these cocks in their small assholes.

But the additional challenge here is that the guys aren’t exactly what you might call gentle. They sure do pound these girls enthusiastically, and it’s borderline rough territory. These women are really pros, however, and they rise up to the challenge magnificently.

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There are only 30 videos in the archive and they’re mostly in SD quality, but that’s no big deal. The big deal is that as a member of Can You Take It you also become a member of the Mofos Network. Now you can access more 2,000 videos featuring more than 1,600 models ranging from teens to MILFs and from amateurs to outright pros.

Most of the videos here are in high quality 1080p, and the offerings are intriguing. Some of the videos are actually submitted by users, and there’s a lot of teen and MILF scenarios to watch.

Can You Take the Cost of Membership?

That’s not really a question, since a trial membership for two days costs only $1. In fact, as of this moment the Can She Take It website is offering a monthly membership for just $24.98 a month. The other sites of the Mofos Network are offering the Mofos membership for $29.98 a month.

But every Mofos website offers the same good deal for a 3-month membership for just $59.96 or $19.99 a month. And for a year’s worth of viewing and downloading, the cost is just $119.98 or about $10 a month. Now surely you can take that!

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