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Carmen Valentina Review

On the face of it, Carmen Valentina doesn’t look like a porn star. She’s got that cute girl next door looks, she’s tiny at barely 5 feet tall, her breasts are nice and perky, and she weighs 105 pounds. And even her bio reads like a typical coed, with a bachelor’s degree in the Arts. She’s even classically trained in piano, violin, and guitar.
Yet you see her in one scene, and all that innocence fades away. She sure does love to suck cock, and when you see her face engrossed in sucking and fucking you begin to see that other Carmen. That’s the one with the tattoo and the 6 piercings, the girl who once shoved an Easter Egg up her pussy for an Easter cam show.
Still, it’s hard to forget the fact that Carmen Valentina is just so darn cute. Look at that face and frame and perky boobs. Unless you see her in action, she really doesn’t give off that porn star vibe.
The Carmen Valentina Website
Speaking of seeing Carmen Valentina in action, you really can’t miss her live cam shows. So that means it’s time for you to sign up for the Carmen Valentina website. This is where you can find her exclusive cam shows. Of course, you can also find more than a hundred videos plus thousands of hi-res images. There’s a blog and a Twitter feed as well.
But then, that’s just the tip of the Carmen iceberg. That’s because your membership here gives you an automatic membership to 15 websites at least. These are the websites dedicated to other VNA girls like Julia Ann, Nikki Benz, and Puma Swede. They also have live cam shows as well. In fact, you get more than 50 hot chicks showing live cam shows.
So for your membership, you actually get:

  • More than 40 live cam shows a week
  • An archive of at least 4,200 videos (which keeps on growing every month)
  • More than 4232 archived cam shows
  • More than 432,000 hi-res images

Check Out More Free Previews At Carmen Valentina’s Website Here

Membership Costs
There are two plans here. One is for the recurring payment scheme (in which you are automatically signed on a member again after the period of membership is done), while the other is non-recurring.
For the recurring payment scheme, you pay $24.95 a month (83¢ a day), $64.95 for 3 months ($21.95 a month or 72¢ a day), and $94.95 for 150 days ($18.99 a month or 63¢ a day). Sometimes there may be a discount offer such as $19.95 for a month.
When you opt for the non-recurring membership, a month is $29.95 (99¢ a day), 3 months will cost $69.95 ($23.32 a month or 78¢ a day), and 150 days will cost $99.95 ($19.99 a month or 67¢ a day).
Or you can just say to hell with it and pay $199 for a year’s worth of quality porn entertainment you won’t get anywhere else. That ends up at just $16.58 a month, or a stupendous 55¢ a day. Even without the massive camshow and video archive, that’s still about 9¢ per live cam show.

Visit Carmen Valentina’s Website Here

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