Club Filly Review

There are a lot more openly lesbians nowadays than there ever were before, and that’s not even considering the many chicks who have experimented and tried out lesbian action for a test drive. That’s a good thing for those of us who like to watch that sort of thing. It’s annoying, however, that so few of them are willing to put up a show for us even when we ask them nicely and offer money.

Fortunately, there’s a lot of girl on girl action online. The trick is finding the good videos. The girls need to be pretty, the action has to be scorching hot, and the quality of the videos should be outstanding. If these are your standards, then you should just go visit Club Filly immediately.

The Lesbian Action in Club Filly

Here you get the best lesbian videos you’ll ever see. Seriously, the girls are hot and the scenarios are exciting. You even get threesomes too. These are the scenes that come out in the Filly Films DVDs, except you can get to see them here first before they’re ever released.

The videos come in downloadable mode, and you can get the HD 1920 x 1080 MP4 videos. You can also stream them as well, and the 1280 x 720 quality is more than good enough for mobile devices.

The quantity of videos is great too. There are more than a hundred DVDs in the Filly Films lineup, and each DVD comes with a lot of scenes. And you can find them all right here. With lesbian scenes only, that means you get a lot of porn actresses and not a cock insight.

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Of course, as a regular fan you may find yourself looking for regular porn as well. You’ll find what you need easily, since as a Club Filly member you also become a member of the entire Pornstar Network.

This means you can visit more than 60 websites catering to all types of fetishes and porn styles. Just about everything you need to watch in porn is right here. From teens to MILFs, stars to amateurs, from a facials to gangbangs—everything is right here.

All in all, you get more than 70,000 videos in the archive. You’ll need years before you can watch them all, even if you can keep up with all the updates you get every day.

Cost of Entry to Club Filly

So what’s the charge for the Club Filly? Theoretically, you can get a limited trial access for two days, and you get it for free. But the limitations and complications of this can be annoying too.

So you’re better off just ponying up for the monthly membership, because it’s only for $29.95. For three months of membership in advance, you only pay $59.95 so a month just costs $19.99. And for a real bargain, you can just pay $89.50 and that’s good enough for an entire year. You’re paying $7.50 a month for Club Filly and the rest of the videos and websites on the Pornstar Network.

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