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Porn takes a lot of cues from mainstream entertainment. One popular form is through parodies, in which porn producers simply take the plot of original hit shows and movies and then put a porn spin on their version. The other main way that porn copies mainstream these days is in its heavier focus on reality.

As we all know, reality TV is big these days. In movies, it’s all about behind the scenes footage that’s always part of DVD releases. So it’s no surprise that porn gets in on the action as well. With, that kind of reality sex gets a bit kinkier.

What You’ll Get

Most of the videos you see when you log on to come in a decidedly more realistic flavor. There’s lot of outdoor action, with public flashings galore. You’ve got lots of time spent at the beach or by the pool, which gives the babes a reason to wear skimpy outfits out in public. The format is usually a bit more documentary style, so the actresses come off as more real and more themselves.

Some of them can get really creative, like the lemonade stand video of the utterly gorgeous Jynx Maze. She actually gets fucked in public, in front of unsuspecting people. The “plot” (so to speak) is that Jynx sets up a lemonade stand and she gets to sell lemonade to the public. With a face as beautiful as Jynx’s, it doesn’t take long for people to line up, and they also get to talk to her for a while. But Jynx is standing right in front of this curtain and behind the lemonade stand, and the people she’s talking to doesn’t know that a guy is there licking her pussy and then fucking her from behind. She actually tries to control her facial expressions and maintain conversations as she’s getting pounded! This video is a real hoot, let me tell you.

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Membership Rates for

With special stuff like this, you probably think you’ll also be charged with especially high membership prices, right. Actually, that’s not the case. The rates are very reasonable:

  • 2 Day Trial Membership @ $1
  • 1 Month Membership @ $24.95/month
  • 3 Month Membership @ $16.65/month (33% Off Regular Price, Billed $49.95 Once Every 3 Months)
  • 12 Month Membership @ $7.95/month (68% Off Regular Price, Billed $95.40 Once Annually)

Be a member now, and you can download more than a hundred of these special reality porn videos right away. It gets even better. Being a member of means you also are automatically a member of all the other Brazzer websites. That’s more than 5547 videos for you to download and with at least 3 new videos daily. Get a yearly membership, because that’s the cheapest way to see all these videos at less than 2¢ per video. Plus, you get HD videos all the way! Now who can say no to such a tempting offer?

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