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Doctor Adventures Review

The hospital is probably one of the strangest settings for porn when you think about it. But at the same time it’s also one of the most popular settings too. It’s probably because of the rather intimate situation, when patients are all helpless and naked under their hospital gown, and doctors and nurses who are sworn to help them offer the kind of help that as guys we all love and yearn for. When you go to, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

What to Expect from

Everyone’s sexual desires in the hospital setting are all here. Doctors and nurses fucking patients, doctors and nurses fucking each other, and for some nice lesbian action there are nurse threesomes too.

For variety, there are some interesting kinks, like when Holly Halston plays a doctor for a prison. There are anal scenes too, because sometimes anal is just what the doctor ordered. You’ve got more than a hundred 1080p HD videos here readily available, and all the chicks (who tend to be stunning with big tits) are simply begging for their medicine.

For many of us, this is exactly the prescription we’re looking for, either as solo entertainment or so that we can convince the women in our lives that wearing a nurse’s costume can actually be fun.

And by the way, as part of your “health benefits” as a member of, you’re also automatically a member of the entire 30-website Brazzers network. That’s at least 30 Brazzers websites, since for some reason they keep adding more sites to their network but the membership prices don’t change much.

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Membership Rates

You’d think that something so beneficial would be prohibitively expensive, but thankfully porn prices don’t reflect today’s reality. The membership rates are so low a part of you would be hoping for a day when medical expenses would be this low too:

  • 2 Day Trial Membership @ $1
  • 1 Month Membership @ $24.95/month
  • 3 Month Membership @ $16.65/month (33% Off Regular Price, Billed $49.95 Once Every 3 Months)
  • 12 Month Membership @ $7.95/month (68% Off Regular Price, Billed $95.40 Once Annually)

If the doctor’s clinic is part of your sexual fantasies (and truth be told just about every one of us will never say no to a hot nurse), then you have to get a membership to

Denying and ignoring your fantasy needs is unhealthy, and your health is important. In these days when health care is in the news because they’re often inaccessible and expensive, it’s nice to know that and the entire Brazzers network are taking care of our sexual fantasy needs for so low a price.

Think about it: a yearly membership means you can access more than 5500 videos in their archives. Since you’re a member for a year and they add 3 new videos a day, in a year that’s more than a thousand new videos for you to check. If sexual frustration is your problem, a healthy dose of HD videos full of gorgeous women doing all sorts of hardcore is more than an effective solution. At about 1¢ per video, it’s the closest thing to free yet superior health care, believe me!

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