Fetish Galaxy Review

The problem with fetishes is that the mainstream community doesn’t quite approve of the concept, so many of us grow up trying to hide whatever kink we desire when they’re outside the norm. Even online, looking for your fetish material can be a bit of a gamble. Wouldn’t it be nice if you can find an online community dedicated to all things involved with fetishes?

If that’s the case, you should perhaps take a peek at Fetish Galaxy. You don’t have to hide anymore when you join Fetish Galaxy, because this website is an online community for fetishists.

Types of Fetish

The most popular fetishes are all featured here, so you can get the info you want or engage with people with similar tastes. For example, you can delve right on through to the type of category you wish to explore.

For example, you can check out various sex acts that are favored by some of the community. These fetishes include anal training, BDSM, playing with cum, fisting, and foot fetishes.

There’s an entire section on pregnant women, along with water sports, wet and messy, and smoking. It may be all about the outfit, so you have sections on rubber, latex, PVC, leather, masks, gags and blindfolds, and uniforms.

You can be fascinated by the use of medical equipment or by electroplay. Or perhaps humiliation, spanking, or cuckolding turns you on. Whatever it is, you’ll probably find it here if enough people want it.


Even the free sessions can be illuminating. Some of the “experts” on the various fetishes can be engaged for a free session, while premium private sessions which will come with fees can also be arranged. You can engage in video chats with experts from anywhere in the world.

Then you also have the vaunted training center. Here you can get various informative videos and articles on practical matters, such as how to take care of leather, how to do anal sex properly, and how to engage in BDSM safely. There are even quizzes so you can gauge how well you’ve learned your lessons.

There are videos too, and some are free while others are premium. The video can be an interview with a bondage bitch, or perhaps a guide to rough sex. Of course, you can also watch premium videos of people engaging in the fetishes they’re interested in.

You can also get an informational guide as to where you can find the local fetish bars and shops in your own city or state. The guide offers directions and reviews of what’s in store for you, so if you’re a world traveller you can visit these places wherever you go.

Meeting Fellow Fetishists

And last but not least, you can engage and interact with fellow fetishists. This is a community where you don’t have to be embarrassed about your sexual fantasies. This is a place where fetishes are cherished and celebrated.

So you can hang out here, talk to fellow fetishists from all over the world, share your experiences and learn about the others and perhaps even meet people in your area who share your interests. Birds of the same feather flock together, after all, and it’s time to fly free with your fetishes.

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