Fuck That Asian Review

Ever since WWII, many Americans have been fascinated by Asian women. Although the stupid rumor that Asian women have horizontal slits is no longer believed by even the most inbred morons, in some areas the sight of Asian chicks is still quite rare. There are 13 million of them in the US, but they’re concentrated mostly in California and New York. In states like Montana and West Virginia, they don’t even reach 1% of the population.

So for a lot of guys in the US, seeing Asian chicks fucking is only possible in porn. And to make that experience worthwhile, you may want to visit the Fuck That Asian website.

Features of Fuck That Asian

That horizontal pussy rumor is disproved here (if for some reason you still somewhat believe in that), but many of the stereotypes of Asian women are celebrated here. That means they’re all pretty, petite, a bit obedient, and they have a tendency to wear schoolgirl outfits. Oh, and they all like facials too.

There’s some variety here so it’s not all M/F action. There are some threesomes, and there are even anal scenes too. The videos are at least about 20 minutes long and they come with photosets. The videos are in SD, but you can stream them too. The updates come in every two weeks or so.

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But what will truly rock your world if you’re a regular porn fan is that every porn fantasy will be provided for once you become a member. That’s because your membership to Fuck That Asian also gives you full access to the entire Pornstar Network.

This is arguably the highest rated porn network online, because it has more than 60 websites all in all. And you don’t just get weekly updates. You get several daily updates. And that’s on top of the biggest archive of premium porn you’ll ever see. Here, you can access up to 70,000 videos in the archive, and most of them are in HD. You’ve got teens and MILFs, babes of every skin color, and different sex acts to gaze on.

How Much for the Membership?

If you’ve got a lot of money, you can always visit Thailand for some Asian nookie. And you’ll really need a lot of money if you want to go to Tokyo, Japan. But with Fuck That Asian, you get your taste of Asian pussy for a fraction of the cost.

Right now, there’s a 2-day trial access you can try out for free, although there may be some limitations. If you want unlimited access, you need to get a monthly membership, and that’s only for $29.95. That’s like the price of a burger in Tokyo!

And if you want to really minimize your monthly membership cost, get a membership for 3 months in advance. It’s for a single payment of $59.95, so a month’s membership is only for $19.99. And for a year’s membership, it’s just for $89.50 which translates to $7.45 a month. That’s a small price to pay for the chance to download more than 70,000 excellent porn videos.

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