Glamour Pornstar Review

When you’re no longer a teenager, you begin to have higher standards for just about everything. You can’t just wear those tattered clothes anywhere, and now you prefer clothes that fit and you may even pay attention to the color. As a teen any rust bucket car will do, but now that you’re older you actually want something cool, practical, and nice.

It’s the same thing with porn. The free online videos you see everywhere simply won’t do at all. They’re for kids who don’t know better. What you need is a website where the pornstars are beautiful, where the porn producers actually pay attention to production details, and the quality of the videos are superb.

So what you need, in other words, is the Glamour Pornstar website.

Features of Glamour Pornstar

Now this is the proper antidote to all the dingy porn websites you’ve been accustomed to when you were younger. This time, the videos aren’t half-assed productions. They are professionally shot and lit, showing off the full beauty of the porn stars.

What’s more, they also make sure that the girls they feature are actually glamorous in the first place. They’re either among the superstars of porn such as Eva Angelina or up and coming stars destined for fame. There are no ugly skanks here, but just balls-to-the-walls beauties.

And forget about tiny videos. Here, the videos are all shot in 1080 HD, which means you can download them and transfer them to your huge LED TV, and it’s like watching a Blu-ray film.

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Bonus Websites

Now it may seem that you’re going to be very satisfied with a single site like this, but there’s more to the offer. You actually become a member of another dozen sites that are just as good and as dedicated to quality as Glamour Pornstar.

You’ve got official websites of stars like Jessica Jaymes, Tiffany Brooke, Capri, Regan Reese, and Tanya James. You also get various other themes, such as pornstar solos and hardcore action in college settings.

Membership Costs

You often associate glamour with high costs so perhaps you’re anticipating exorbitant membership rates. But that’s not actually true here. You can try out the websites for a two day trial for just $1.95, and then the recurring charges will be $34.95 for every 30 days.

You can also just pay a dollar a day by paying a recurring 30-day fee for just $29.95. You can cut an additional $20 off the regular price by getting the recurring $69.95 rate for every 90 days.

And for truly massive discounts, you can just get a membership for an entire year by paying $119.88 every year. That’s just $9.99 a month, or less than 33¢ a day.

Paying 33¢ a day seems fair for a great website like Glamour Pornstar. And when you consider that you’re actually getting 12 more websites that are just as good, then you’ll appreciate just how awesome this deal can be for you.

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