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Hometown Girls Review

You know how some Lit teachers say that the short stories and novels are those that give you a clearer perspective in life? Film critics say the same for Oscar-caliber movies. And the same thing can absolutely be said of You go out around town and then you see the sweet and simple beauty of the ladies in your neighborhood in a new light. These babes can be those wild women you see on video. And sure as hell it gives you hope, doesn’t it?

Hometown Appeal

That’s the appeal of going to and then logging on to be a member. The good folks at Hustler have amassed a huge collection of more than 8000 HD videos, and then chose the videos that featured women who’d look quite at home in a simple hometown setting. These babes aren’t the most glamorous and elegant, but they are sexy nonetheless. There’s something really refreshing about their freshness and simplicity. It makes you want to fuck them hard, and partly because they look like they’d readily agree to do the deed with you. That there’s an added measure of possibility—that you have an actual chance—is the true allure of these videos.

Of course, your membership doesn’t restrict you to just these videos of hometown cuties. Hustler only highlighted them for you. Once you become a member, you’ll be able to download the entire Hustler video library, including videos of Asians, MILFs, and Latinas. The ever-popular parodies of well-known movies and TV shows are here too.

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Membership Rates

Since your mind is already boggling at the prospect of more than eight thousand high definition videos filled with hordes of women doing all sorts of stuff—things you absolutely want to do yourself, by the way—let’s overwhelm your mind some more with these numbers:

  • 2 Day Trial Membership @ $1.99
  • 1 Month Membership @ $29.95/month
  • 3 Month Membership @ $19.95/month (Over 30% Off Regular Price, Billed $59.85 Once Every 3 Months)
  • 12 Month Membership @ $9.95/month (Over 70% Off Regular Price, Billed $119.40 Once Annually)

Since Hustler tends to add several videos in its collection every day and this info was posted some time ago, it’s entirely possible than there are already more than 9500 videos available right now.  So what are you waiting for? Go be a member of right now.

These videos aren’t going to watch themselves. Besides, by becoming a member for the next 12 months, you only need to watch 26 videos a day if you ignore the daily updates. But if the daily updates is part of the schedule (and they should, since you have the privilege of seeing them first) you get to watch 29 superb videos a day while you pay only about 32¢ a day. That’s almost a single cent per video—so you’re watching basically free porn, except the quality is much, much better than what the free porn sites offer!

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