Hometown Honeys Review

There’s always a bit of a thrill when you realize there’s a good chance that you’ll meet a porn actress one day. We’re not talking about going to a porn convention or going to a club with a porn star headliner. We’re talking about watching a video and seeing a girl you went to school with, or even a former teacher. It may even be a former girlfriend, or your ex-girlfriend’s mom!

Or perhaps it’s just someone you see in town every now and then, like that waitress in your favorite diner. The possibilities are endless—and it’s always possible that they may just fuck your brains out when they realize you know and they want you to shut the fuck up. Blackmail is illegal, but if they come right out and offer sex before you even say a word, that’s entirely legit, right?

And that’s one of the attractive features of Hometown Honeys. These are beauties as they’re chosen by Hustler, which does tend to have a higher standard than most gonzo companies. Most of them are real amateurs who do a little porn and then get out. Who knows, maybe they next door!

What You’ll Find in Hometown Honeys

For the most part, the gorgeous babes you’ll find in Hometown Honeys are actually amateurs. While a few did go on to make a short career in porn for themselves, most were in and out of the industry. That makes these videos collectibles in a sense, because the star made so few appearances.

You’ll find that there’s a wide range of ladies here. Some are young, while others are in the MILF territory. You’ve got white chicks, Latinas, and even some sistahs.

The type of action is also varied as well. There are the regular B/G videos, while some are lesbian scenes and you even have threesomes, gangbangs, and orgies. There’s something for everyone.

What holds all these videos together is that the storyline tends to adhere to the basic “neighbor” theme. Someone in the neighborhood is horny, whether it’s the babysitter, the cheating wives, or the horny town sluts.

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Since the videos are from Hustler, the quality of the videos is more than sufficient, and some videos are even in full HD quality. The updates are also constant, and there’s also more than 600 videos in the archives already. That should have you occupied for a good long while. If you can’t download the videos (many of them are only for streaming), maybe you can use a download manager.

Speaking of archives, your membership to Hometown Honeys also automatically makes you a member of the entire Hustler Mega Pass Network. That’s a network that includes a lot of other websites. We’re talking about Hustler, after all. That means you can access more than 8,000 videos in the archives!

How Much to Join?

Hustler may be all about quality porn, but you don’t have to pay through the nose for a membership. You can try it out for two days for just $1.99 although there are some limits. You should just get a monthly membership for a month and pay $29.95.

You can get a discount if you become a member for 3 months in advance, as it only costs a total of $59.85 ($19.95 a month). And for a truly hometown discount, get a membership for a year. It’s just $119.40, or $9.95 a month.

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