Hustler’s College Girls Review

When it comes to young and legal porn, we’re usually talking about college girls. They’re the fantasies for all age groups all over the world. For teenage boys, they’re the hot older girls who know just what to do when it comes to sex. For young adults, they’re the age-appropriate choice when it comes to porn. And for older gentlemen (and even a few women), they’re fresh young things who can make them feel young again.

College girls seem perfect in looks and in style, but that’s not really the case when you’re stuck with free online porn. Videos in free porn sites are simply the bottom of the barrel, and they can make young fresh babes seem almost ordinary. And if these blurry videos are no longer rocking your boat, then it’s time to come aboard Hustler’s College Girls.

Features of Hustler’s College Girls

Just about everyone who has a passing familiarity with porn knows all about Hustler’s insistence on high quality. They offer the highest rates for the babes in porn, and because of that they can pick and choose the freshest-looking and the most gorgeous girls who are willing to give porn a try. And when they get the superstars, Hustler’s rates can get them acting much more lasciviously, and they can do stuff they never normally do, like anal and facials.

That’s what you get at Hustler’s College Girls. The latest movies in the entire Hustler video catalogue are culled and the scenes involving college girls are all placed here for your convenience. They may come from different series such as Barely Legal, Naughty Cheerleaders, Big Dick Teen Junkies, Slutty School Girls, and even the parodies so that you have just one site to satisfy your cravings for fresh young things.

The videos are all in HD, and they come with photo sets too.

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Bonus Features

By the way, signing up to Hustler’s College Girls means you automatically become a member of the Hustler Mega Pass network, which has, as of last count, more than 9,000 videos in the archives. They’ve got about 26 websites for you to choose from, and you’re going to need a LOT of time to watch them all.

Membership Rates

If you think you’re going to have to fork out big money to become a member of Hustler’s College Girls, you’re wrong. It’s cheap even if you’re actually signing up to become a member of every website in the Hustler Mega Pass network.

Membership here costs only a dollar a day for US members, although the rates differ in other countries and local currencies are used for them. The 2-day trial membership costs only $1.99, and for an entire month the cost is $29.95 a month.

But the rates go down to just $19.95 a month when you get a 3-month membership. And when you get a membership for an entire year, the rate is a paltry $9.95 a month. That’s like paying for a Toyota subcompact and then driving home a BMW.

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