Jesse Jane Review

If you’re a porn fan, then chances are, you’ve heard of Jesse Jane. And if you’ve seen her in action, then you wouldn’t be able to forget her. It’s not just because she’s got a pretty face with long blonde hair and impressive hooters. It’s the way she does sex. She really puts her heart—or more precisely, her mouth—into it when she’s blowing a guy on screen. And when she’s fucking, you know she’s really enjoying herself. It’s that kind of enthusiasm and love for her work that’s gained her hordes of fans since she entered the porn industry back in 2004.

So of course you’ll want to see more of Jesse Jane once you see just a single video of her in action. And the place to go is The site is a virtual treasure trove of everything Jesse Jane!

First off, you get to access more than 60 Jesse Jane movies. That includes the now legendary Pirates movies and the multi-awarded Cheerleaders, along with newer releases like Top Guns, The Roommate, and Body Heat. As a member, you’re first in line to see all of Jesse Jane’s latest work.

Then you get to see a lot of extras, such as hours of behind the scene footage. Jesse Jane is a hell of an actress (even if you do discount all that enthusiastic cocksucking), but behind the scenes she comes off as a refreshing babe who likes to have fun. It’s hard to believe that this hot mama is literally a MILF, since she has a teenage kid. In addition, you also get to see her public appearance schedule, so you can watch her dance live!

Finally, the quality of the videos here is absolutely topnotch. Everything’s in HD, unlike free porn where videos look even worse than porn on VHS. It’s all so clear, and fortunately Jesse Jane is one of those chicks who look great even in super close-ups. Not everyone does well when it’s HD especially if you watch them on those huge LED TVs, but Jesse Jane is flat out gorgeous.

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Membership Rates and Bonuses

Membership rates are surprisingly affordable:

  • 3 Day Trial Membership @ $ 4.95
  • 1 Month @ $ 29.99 / per month
  • 3 Months @ $ 19.98 / per month (billed in one payment of $59.95)
  • 12 Months @ $ 10.00 / per month (75% savings, billed in one installment of $119.99)

For Digital Playground members, the rates will be familiar since it’s exactly like the membership rates for But it’s alright since Jesse Jane is a Digital Playground contract performer. As a bonus, you may even have free access to the Digital Playground’s online videos featuring hundreds of other gorgeous performers.

So all things considered, a membership in is a great deal. It’s a no brainer if you’re a Jesse Jane fan, and it’s also a super deal if you like other actresses since the Digital Playground freebie offers you lots of videos of other beautiful porn actresses. Sign up to become a member now, and stop wasting your time on free videos with crappy quality. With, you get tons of videos of one of the wildest and most enthusiastic porn performers of our times.

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