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The porn career of Julia Ann is an anomaly when you think about it. She was born in 1969, and she started her career back in 1991 when she was 22 years old. Her first scene was a lesbian encounter with the legendary Janine Lindemulder. But Julia Ann didn’t become a sensation until she was well in her 30s, which isn’t exactly the stereotypical career path of porn stars. She became a legend herself when it became apparent to a legion of fans that she still looked great for her age, especially with her 5-ft 8-in height and shapely boobs.
Julia Ann Live
Julia Ann became the poster girl for MILF porn. She really is the mother of all MIlFs on screen. All the MILF scenarios suddenly make sense with her in it. She can play a guy’s stepmom, mother in law, girlfriend’s mom, teacher, boss, or exchange student’s guardian, and the scene makes absolute sense. Of course the guy would fuck her—who wouldn’t? Look at her!
And now you can look at her live. The Julia Ann Live website offers the usual videos, picture sets, and blog, but the live shows are perhaps the #1 attraction here. Not to mention that your membership to the Julia Ann Live website gives you full membership access to VNA Girls lineup. That’s at least 14 porn superstars all in all, and more than 40 live shows a week. That’s about 6 live shows a day!

If that was all you get, then it would be worth it to join. This is a girl who does anal and DPs, but whose absolute favorite thing to do is to suck on a dick. Even in anal scenes, you can hear her speak with the director that the male talent gets to stick his dick in her mouth. And now she’s joined by more than a dozen girls like her.
But that’s not all. You can also access the archive consisting of 2,600+ camshows, 3,500 videos, and 380,000 pictures.
And here’s the kicker: you can meet these stars at member get-togethers and events.

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Membership Costs
The payment scheme may seem a bit complicated, but it’s actually quite simple. If you want a non-recurring payment then a month’s membership is $29.95 (99¢ a day), 3 months will cost $69.95 ($23.32 a month or 78¢ a day), and 150 days will set you back $99.95 ($19.99 a month or 67¢ a day).
For the recurring payment scheme, it’s $24.95 a month (83¢ a day), $64.95 for 3 months ($21.95 a month or 72¢ a day), and $94.95 for 150 days ($18.99 a month or 63¢ a day). Every now and then, there may be a discount offered such as $19.95 for a month.
Or you can just forget about all this nonsense and pay a lump sum of $199 for a year’s membership. That’s just $16.58 a month, or a mind-boggling 55¢ a day.
Imagine that: for 55¢ a day you get more than 40 live shows a week, plus leisurely access to the massive archive. This is why porn, like Julia Ann, will never get old!

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