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While male-female scenes are of course the most popular type of scenes in porn, there’s something to be said for girl on girl action. After all, you get to see two beautiful chicks instead of just one, and there’s no dick to distract you. Besides, those huge dicks can really make you feel insecure.
Only the Best at
If all you want to see are hot chicks doing nasty stuff to other hot chicks, and the only dick you want to see is the dick in your hand, then take a look at Lesbian Ass. What makes it different from all the other lesbian stuff online is that it’s produced by the network. You ought to know by now what that means—you get lots of action in high quality video. For some reason, really likes the raunchy stuff, and what you see are just about everything possible that a girl can do to another girl sexually.
And that’s what we have here, folks. We’ve got truly luminous young babes kissing, fondling, and munching on pussy like you wouldn’t believe. There are strap-ons and dildoes galore. We have women from all over the US, and even some from overseas like the blond Brazilians happily licking each other’s pussies. You’ve got new blood, and legends like Crissy Moran sticking in tongues and dildoes up her snatch before she had Jesus enter her life.

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Bonus Websites
Of course, it simply won’t be enough for any of us to just stick to lesbian action, regardless of how pretty the girls are and how wild they can get. That’s okay, because you don’t really have to limit yourself to girl on girl action. Your membership to Lesbian Ass makes you an automatic member with full rights to the entire network. And you don’t just get ten websites—you get 13. Count the other websites you can visit:

  3. Bootyclapxxx
  5. Tit World
  6. Fuck Fiesta
  7. Pornstar Hardcore
  8. Vavoom
  11. Booty Sisters
  12. XTSY

Everything’s here, and you have thousands of videos to get you through a tough day—or a tough year, for that matter.  You’ve got chicks of every color doing just about everything you can possibly imagine—what’s not to love?
Membership Dues
You get what you pay for, and fortunately you get a lot without having to pay a fortune when it comes to the network. You only need $1.99 to use a couple of days to check things out. Once that’s done, you will certainly need more time to watch everything. For a month, you only need $29.95. But membership for three months will only cost you $19.95 a month ($59.85 total).
You’ll probably need a whole year to watch everything, and everyday you’ll get to see something new and dirty. That’s only going to cost you a paltry 33¢ a day, or $9.95 a month. That may seem like it’s too good to be true, but then again sometimes life is really good.

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