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Lex Steele Review

In the old days, the biggest names among guy performers in the adult industry were John Holmes and Ron Jeremy. Nowadays James Deen is well-known because of his mainstream looks and his appeal among women. But for most of us, Lexington Steele is the man. The guy graduated from Syracuse University, and was licensed as a stock broker. But it’s his big dick that’s making him big bucks, instead of his brain.

Every time an established star decides to take him up the ass, it’s an event. And it’s always fun to see newbies react to him when they see his huge member for the first time.

If you like to hear pornstars moan and groan and they make faces while fucking Lexington Steel, then it’s time to make a beeline for the Lex Steele website.

What’s Inside the Website

The premise is simple. Once you join, you now have full access to just about every video he ever made. Considering that he first started back in 1996, that’s a lot of videos. So instead of videos of one girl, you have videos of numerous girls doing one huge dick.

Since many of the videos are historical relics, they’re mainly in SD, but they’re fine enough. They offer screen caps and trailers to help you out. You can find the video you want by checking out the models and the categories. There are also some user ratings and comments as well.

Here, you can also buy Lex Steele DVDs for ridiculously low prices. You can also download photosets, and even communicate with other members.

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Now here’s the really big deal. Your membership here makes you an automatic member of the entire Pornstar Network. This is a huge deal because this network has at least 60 websites, and the entire archive contains more than 70,000 videos. That’s seventy thousand. How long do you it will take you to watch them all, considering that the also have numerous updates each day?

The models here include white chicks and other races. You’ve got regular porn and gangbangs, facials and cum swallowing and a whole lot more.

How Big is the Bill?

When the video archive involved is a large as Lex Steele’s cock, you may understandably be afraid that you’re going to get a reaming when you get the bill. Fortunately, that’s not the case. There’s a limited trial offer, but you need to forget about that option. Just dive ride in.

For a month’s membership, the cost is a reasonable $29.95 a month so that’s basically a dollar a day. That’s a small sum compared to what you can get, and the rate goes down even further when you get advance memberships.

Get a membership for 3 months, and you pay just $59.95 so that computes as $19.99 a month. And if you get a membership for the whole year (which may not even be enough to let you see everything), the single payment amounts to just $89.50. Do the math, and that’s $7.45 a month. Now that’s what you call a huge discount!

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