leya falcon

Leya Falcon Review

Leya Falcon is one good example of why all beautiful girls should grow up in Las Vegas. This Las Vegas native when all dressed up looks like the quintessential Midwestern girl, with her wide smile, long blond hair, curvy body, and impressive 34DD boobs.

She also wanted to be a porn star ever since she was 14 years old. Now that’s the kind of hopes and dreams all of us should support right?

And she’s not just a porn star. She’s a porn star who absolutely digs black cock, and she loves it when black cocks dig deep into her ass. You can see that for yourself when you visit the Leya Falcon Official Site.

Features of the Leya Falcon Official Site

It’s right there in her stats what Leya Falcon is all about. Just right under her answers for birthdate and birthplace (March 3, 1988, Las Vegas), she lists “black cocks” as her love.

But of course that’s not all she loves. She loves women too, which is why a lot of the videos show her in lesbian action. Don’t worry if you like penetration scenes though, because she does like having her partners stick lots of different things in her pussy and ass. Her dildoes tend to be huge, which is a sign of things to come. There’s a lot of domination here, and some scenes have Leya in chains.

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Then there are the boy-girl scenes, which are truly unforgettable. It’s hard to reconcile her sweet face with the fact that she’s trying to cram a huge black cock deep in her throat. It seems almost impossible, but there’s the proof in front of you, and in HD too. Also, you don’t have to wait long to download the videos, as the download speed is impeccable. Then of course there are the anal scenes, and there are lots of those too.

Now speaking of lots of videos, your membership to the Leya Falcon website actually entitles you for membership to the entire PUBA Network. That’s actually 40 websites at least, with tons of HD videos and photos, as well as regular live cam shows of your favorite porn stars. You get updates every day, while you also try to watch as many videos in the archives as you can.

Membership Dues

Now with 40 websites waiting for you, it’s understandable if you suspect that there’s another shoe about to drop. But the membership is straightforward and eminently reasonable. For example, for a 5-day membership you only pay $5, and for a 1-month membership the cost is $29.97. Both plans cost you a dollar a day, which is actually a bargain when you consider that you’re getting a membership to 40 different websites.

But if you want a real bargain, you can get a 3-month membership in advance, and you only pay $49.97 in total. That’s less than 56¢ a day for 40 websites! Take this deal, and you can consider yourself a real winner in porn.

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