More Than A Girl Review

Once upon a time the transgender issue was a taboo subject, but Bruce Jenner has proudly claimed the spotlight with his complete transformation. The public first learned of this in 2013, when Kris Jenner outed him as a cross-dressing transvestite. Not everyone believed her, but by 2014 quite a few observers had already noted that Bruce’s face was becoming more decidedly feminine.

Now it’s 2015 and even CNN is reporting on the topic. It’s no longer Bruce, by the way. It’s Caitlyn, and she’s on the cover of Vanity Fair.

It’s this growing fascination and acceptance that has made tranny websites more visible than before. And among the most popular of them is More Than A Girl.

What’s in More Than A Girl?

There’s more than 102 videos here as of last count, and they’re quite excellent about the stars they feature. The guys and trannies look beautiful, and there’s some wonderful variety in the scenes. You get guy/tranny action, tranny on tranny, and even threesomes.

If you want, you can also buy the DVD versions through the website. In fact, you can do a lot more here. Live feeds are available, you can buy some other stuff in the store, and you can arrange dates with other members.

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If you’re a porn fan who wants more variety in your porn, then you’d be gratified to know that your membership here in More Than A Girl also gives you more than a single website. In fact, you can access more than 60 premium websites, because you also become a member of the renowned Pornstar Network.

You can now access a lot of Lexington Steele and Peter North websites, sites focused on teens, MILF websites, and sites focused on pornstars. Seriously, with 60 websites to choose from just about any type of sex action can be found here. There’s a lot of cum swallowing and facial sites, anal sites, and sites focused on big butts and big boobs.

All in all there are more than 70,000 videos here, and many of them are in HD quality. You can easily find the videos you want, and you can even buy 2 DVDs for 5¢.

More Than Reasonable Membership Costs

Rare, high quality items like jewels and sports cars cost a lot, so you may be forgiven for thinking that a membership to a good tranny site like More Than A Girl would be expensive. But a closer look would prove you wrong. It’s true that the “free” trial option for 2-days is a mistake, but the monthly membership is actually very reasonable. It’s only for $29.95.

But if you want to reduce those monthly rates, you should get a 3-month membership for a single payment of $59.95. That’s only $19.99 a month. And for truly low rates, get a membership for an entire year. That’s only $89.50 so you pay only $7.45 a month. A year should be enough time to download all the videos in More Than A Girl and to download a lot more from the archive.

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