My Little Plaything Review

There’s nothing wrong with having a hankering for cute chicks, right? And as long as you make sure that you know the chicks in your porn are of legal age, then it’s okay if they kinda look like you’d want to check their ID again, just to be on the safe side.

Looking for porn like this is not only frustrating, but it can be dangerous. After all, what will you type in Google? Any search term with the word “young” may give you some problems.

That’s especially true if you go rooting around online and find young-looking chicks on sex videos, only to find out too late that they are actually too young to be in porn videos. That can land your ass in jail.

So thank your lucky stars that there is My Little Plaything.

Features of My Little Plaything

So far, the videos in My Little Plaything are all legal because the girls are all of legal age. But there’s now some growing concern that “young-looking” chicks (like Gauge, for example) may no longer be kosher.

Still, it’s not the porn star’s fault if she’s 4’1″ tall and as thin as a rail. Nor is it your fault when you like her look since you know for a fact that she’s 18 years old. So here, you can rest easy knowing that all the babes here are of legal age, and all of them look very, very young.

Just download to your heart’s content, and you can also watch the videos on your mobile.

But if you have other naughty fetishes, you’re in luck. You actually become a member to the entire Staxxx Network of fetish sites when you subscribe to My Little Plaything. These websites include:

The Face Fuck Hour: This is the best collection of extreme, throat-gagging videos online. There are no mild and gentle kisses here—dicks are shoved hard down the throats of willing girls.

Big and Ready: If BBW is your passion, then this is the location.

Boob Bangers: These big boobs are bouncing! Along with the usual fucking and sucking, you also have titty fucks and cum on boobs.

Ass America: Just like the name says, it’s all about anal sex. Nowadays, is that still considered a fetish?

Compton Booty: Compton is a small city south of downtown LA that’s supposedly a hubbub of gangs and rappers. That’s why the babes here are all blacks with big booties. And by the way, they also like it in the ass.

OMG I Squirted: Squirting girls, a la Cytherea.

Membership Rates

Despite the seemingly inappropriate material here, the prices are actually reasonable. For example, you can just get a 5-day membership for $5, which means it’s just a dollar a day. You can also get a membership and pay $29.97 a month.

But if you want to lessen your daily expenses, you should get a membership for three months in advance. So instead of paying the regular $89.91 for the three months,
you only pay $49.97. That should make you feel better about having to pay for porn.

Visit The My Little Plaything Website Here