Nikki Benz Review

It’s been more than a decade since Nikki Benz entered the world of porn in 2003, but people still recognize her. And that’s not just because she suddenly announced her plan to run for mayor of Toronto. There’s the fact that she has a hard-to-describe exotic look (she was born in the Ukraine) and that she has a massive set of hooters emphasized by her slender frame.
There’s also a picture of her floating around that contrasts her sexually predatory, fully made up face with that of her somewhat innocent and refreshing face without makeup. But whatever the look she is sporting, her videos are especially sexy. She does anal too, if you like that sort of thing.
The Official Site of Nikki Benz
On the Nikki Benz website, you get to see a great collection of her videos all on one website. You get picture sets as well. But the coup de grâce is her live cam shows, which will truly inspire you to heights of passion. Her “Benz” name is well chosen: she looks great and she’s a real performer.

But that is not all. By being a member of the Nikki Benz website, you also become a member of the VNA Girls network. That’s about 15 websites in total, which includes websites dedicated to stars such as Julia Ann, Vicky Vette, Sara Jay, Sophie Dee, and the delightful newcomer Siri.
So that’s 40+ live camshows a week plus 3,500 videos, 2,600 camshows, and 380,000 pictures in the archives. You think you can download and watch all that in just a single month?
And still that’s not all. The VNA Girls network is a true giver, because as a member you can also meet the girls in member-only events. This is truly something that separates this network from the others, and is definitely a huge plus when deciding where to put your entertainment dollars.

Check Out More Free Previews At Nikki Benz’s Website Here

Membership Costs
How does 55¢ a day strike you? Not bad for 15 hot chicks stripping live right on your monitor while you get to access thousands of hardcore videos and camshow archives, right? And you will only spend a small amount of money to take advantage of the best deal offer on the Nikki Benz website.
You get a full year’s membership, all for the total of $199 ($16.58 a month). You don’t have to lose sleep trying to download all those thousands of camshows and hardcore videos.
But if you want a shorter membership time period, the payment scheme gets a bit complicated. For the recurring scheme, you pay $24.95 a month (83¢ a day). For 3 months you pay $64.95 ($21.95 a month or 72¢ a day), and for 15 days you pay $94.95 ($18.99 a month or 63¢ a day).
So just get the best deal possible and go for a year’s membership. It’s simpler, it’s cheaper, and it means more porn for you.

Visit Nikki Benz’s Website Here

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