Nina Elle Review

Nina Elle’s bio is like a publicist’s dream. She’s actually a military brat who was born in Germany. She was slutty even at a tender age, and she lost her virginity at age 12 to her boyfriend who was only a couple or so years older than her. By the time she was 14 or 15 years old, she had lots of boys taking her to movies and dinner, and half the time she repaid their generosity with sex. After all, she loved sex!

She then studied dental hygiene in college, and eventually worked as a dental hygienist. But she got bored with her job. And since many of her male patients would stare down at her blouse when she cleaned their teeth, she started doing cam shows as well. Now that was the start—she was an instant cam whore superstar and her fans wanted more. So she gave her fans want they wanted—a real porn career.

And now you can see her work in all its splendor at her Nina Elle XXX website.

Features of the Nina Elle XXX Website

There’s no doubt that Nina Elle is wild, and it shows on her website. Yes there are lots of solo, girl/girl, and boy/girl scenes here. But there’s an edge to all her scenes.

That’s partly because of her looks, which can be chameleon-like in the aura they project. She can look sweet and nice with her long blond locks and slim build, but her tattoos and attitude can be tough too. She actually worked as a Femdom back in the day. A fan bought her domain name for her, and as recompense she let him eat her ass out and lick her toes as she kicked him around.

But she also doesn’t mind being dominated either. Some scenes involve her being tied up while weird toys are pushed into her pussy and ass, and there’s a memorable scene here in a dungeon with Nina in chains being whipped lightly by another girl.

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All in all, you’ve got HD videos of Nina doing lots of crazy stuff. If you’re lucky, then perhaps you may be among the first to see her long awaited anal scene as well.

But actually, that’s not all. This website is just one of at least 27 websites in the Pornstar Platinum network. And to be a member in Nina Elle XXX is to be a member in all these sites, which feature websites dedicated to dozens of other girls in the industry.

The premiere flagship website actually features hundreds of different girls, so variety is not a problem. Nor is the download speed a problem too. Whether you’re downloading or streaming, you won’t be dissatisfied.

Membership Dues

You won’t be disappointed with the membership rates either. The one-day trial membership is available for $2.95, but a 30-day membership is just for $24.95. For 90 days it goes down to $19.95 a month, and for a full year you only pay $7.50 a month. Now that’s a porn fan’s dream!

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