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Office Obsession Review

There was a time when it was perfectly natural to have an office romance, but the 1990s and the explosion of sexual harassment cases have surely made it less common today. A boss and his secretary can’t go out on a date anymore without the legal issues cropping up, and some employers even discourage their employees from hooking up, as they’re potential workplace hazards.

But that’s real life. In the fantasy world of porn, everything’s possible and this is where the appeal of Office Obsession lies.

What’s in Office Obsession?

With more than 300 videos in the Office Obsession archives, there’s a lot of storylines to cover. There are of course the secretaries, who must either obey their boss or are brazen enough to seduce them. Various employees hide in seldom-used rooms to get it on. An office girl works late, and then a janitor or a security guard comes in, and fucking ensues.

The babes are all good looking, and they’re mostly on the slim or athletic side of the body figure spectrum. They do the usual stuff of sucking and fucking, but the production values are gorgeous as well.

The quality of the videos are amazing, to tell the truth. They’re all in 1080p quality, with 12,000k bitrates for truly excellent playback. The videos can last for 30 minutes, up to almost an hour.

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But what’s really great about being a member of Office Obsession is that you also become a member of Stepmom Lessons, which is another almost taboo genre in porn. Together, you can view all these excellent-quality videos in the well-designed website, where they are organized according to sex act, model names, and various other categories. You have teens to MILFs to choose from, and you can also pick between the white chicks, Latina honeys, and the black babes.

Office Obsession e (along with the entire network) is actually fairly new, and yet they’ve managed to boost the number of videos to almost 700, while featuring almost 400 ladies. Even with the speedy downloads, you’ll need some time to watch each video and they also have frequent updates.

Cost of Membership

Even though you have hundreds of truly superb-quality videos in the archive and the update frequency is impressive, the price of admission is actually more than reasonable. If you want, you can try it out for two days, and it will only cost you a dollar.

But it’s probably more sensible to just get a full month’s membership, as you won’t have any limitations regarding downloads. It’s only for $29.95, so it’s only a dollar a day. And that rate goes down further when you get a 3-month membership in advance, as the fee is only $59.95 instead of $89.85.

But the cost of membership for the entire year is not $359.40 and it’s not even $239.80. It’s actually just $99.95 so that means per day you only pay 28¢. With the quality of the videos here, that’s quite a bargain.

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