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Fuck That Asian Review

Ever since WWII, many Americans have been fascinated by Asian women. Although the stupid rumor that Asian women have horizontal slits is no longer believed by even the...

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More Than A Girl Review

Once upon a time the transgender issue was a taboo subject, but Bruce Jenner has proudly claimed the spotlight with his complete transformation. The public first learned...

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Ty Endicott

Ty Endicott Review

It’s not exactly easy to explain to your buddies why you find the sight of women smoking a cigarette so fascinating. If they notice you staring at smoking chicks, just...

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Monsters Of Cock Review

I’ve often wondered why many heterosexual men prefer their hardcore videos to feature huge cocks. After all, these monster cocks can make us feel a tad inadequate,...

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Stepmom Videos Review

There was a time not so long ago (if you’re an old fogey) when the prevailing stereotype for stepmothers was the evil stepmom. I don’t know about you, but that...

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Booty Clap XXX

Booty Clap XXX Review

Ever since Jennifer Lopez acted as if she didn’t give a rat’s ass about the size of her butt, the rest of humanity seems to have come around into thinking that a...

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Stepmom Lessons Review

Ah, the MILF stepmom. Quite a lot of guys find older women attractive, especially when they look hot and attractive for their age. And their age isn’t just a number....

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milf soup

MILF Soup Review

Just what is it about older women that gets our engines revving up to the red zone and beyond? Maybe you can ask a sociologist or a psychologist for answers, but you...

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Ass Parade

Ass Parade Review

Back in the 1990s, there’s a story that circulated regarding a little tiff between uber-supermodel Cindy Crawford and Jennifer Lopez. In an interview with Self...

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Can She Take It Review

When someone’s a professional, it doesn’t just mean they get paid while an amateur gets nothing. You’d expect them to know more and to perform better at their job....

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