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If you watch porn on a regular basis—or in other words, if you’re a guy—then you must have visited tube sites with free porn videos. Now you don’t have to pay money for the porn you get, but then you pay in other ways.

Maybe you pay with the annoyance of having to settle for blurry, low-def videos. Not all the women are pretty (some are downright hideous), and the descriptions of the videos can be misleading. Often the videos are just snippets or trailers. If you click on the wrong video, you may get to see gay and shemale videos that you really didn’t want to see at all.

And even if you pick the right videos, sometimes the download speeds are so slow it takes an hour to download a 10-minute video.

If you get to the point when you finally realize that avoiding these inconveniences may be worth a few bucks, you can just head on out to Pornstar Platinum website.

Features of Pornstar Platinum

Pornstar Platinum can be considered the flagship website of the entire Pornstar Platinum network. It’s a doozy. You have photosets, and pictures included in various pornstar blogs. They’re all in HD, which is nice.

And the videos are in HD too. There are lots of videos here, featuring as many famous names and fresh faces as there are in your typical free video websites. But they’re all in HD, and the descriptions of the videos are spot on. You can even watch a trailer first so you know what you’re in for.

You don’t even have to worry about the download speed. You can stream the videos to your mobile device or download the videos to your PC so you can watch the video on your huge LED TV, and you won’t be disappointed. The download speeds are fantastic.

And speaking of fantastic, you also get regular live cam shows featuring your favorite porn stars. And if that’s not enough, you also get access to the entire Pornstar Platinum network with at least 27 websites, featuring stars from Angelina Valentine to Yuri Luv.

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Membership Requirements

So what do you need to do to be a member? That depends on just how smart you are. Maybe you want to dip your toes in first with a trial membership, but that 1-day trial will set you back $2.95. Your more sensible option is to just get a full membership for 30 days, which gets the membership cost down to $24.95 only.

Now for some real discounts, you can get a three-month membership, and that only costs $19.95 a month. And the smartest deal is when you get a membership for an entire year. You can enjoy all the archives, while get the live shows and updates for a year, for only $7.50 a month. Now that’s a proposal worth pondering!

You can join by credit card, check, or by phone. And as a bonus, you can trade in your unused gift cards for membership. This lets you stay anonymous with no credit card needed, and more than a hundred brands are accepted.

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