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There are times when we watch porn and we wish there are no distractions at all. We’re not talking about people knocking on your locked bedroom door, or a frisky pet, or a neighbor playing loud music. Sometimes the distractions are right there in the porn videos we’re watching.

Let’s say there’s a hot pornstar on screen, and she’s so fine you just want to concentrate on her. You want to see her all alone playing with herself, using her fingers and toys so she can have an orgasm. When you’re in this mood you don’t want to see some fat ugly guy on your huge LED TV screen to ruin the moment, especially when the camera focuses on the guy every now and then. You just want to see the girl and nothing else.

That’s what you get with Pornstar Tease.

Features of Pornstar Tease

Pornstar Tease is all about solo masturbation videos. There are no guys in the scenes, and there are no other girls too for that matter. That gives you the opportunity to direct your full attention on the beautiful girl performing right in front of you. You can watch her use her fingers and toys and stick them in various holes, while she makes all those cute facial expressions of pleasure. Your best bet is to watch these videos in a huge-ass LED TV, which can really show the clarity of the 1080p videos.

You’ve got weekly updates in various formats so you can use your smartphone or mobile if you want, and you also have high-quality pictures too.

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Bonus Websites

Of course, no true porn fan will actually agree to limit his viewing pleasure to just solo masturbation videos, no matter how excellent they are. Not to worry, because that’s not really a problem at all. That’s because as a member of the Pornstar Tease website, you’re actually an automatic member of the dozen websites included in the Spizoo Network.

Here, you have access to websites like First Class POV, in which the camera is always in your POV. You’ve got a website dedicated to BJs, one focused on glamour, another all about lesbians, and one where the setting of the scenes are all about college girls getting fucked. There’s a lot of variety here to keep you entertained, day in and day out.

Membership Costs

With 1080p videos, fast streaming and downloads, and a dozen websites to patronize, you may be thinking that the membership fees may not be well-suited for your budget. But that’s not the case at all.

You can test whether you love the websites by taking a 2-day trial for just $1.95, after which your 30-day membership will cost you $34.95 only. That’s not a bad deal, but since you know how great these sites are you probably don’t need a trial membership at all. So that means you can just get a 30-day membership right away for just $29.95.

If you think you’ll need 3 months to truly get your money’s worth, you can just pay $69.95 instead of the usual $89.85. And for truly great savings, you can enjoy an entire year’s worth of updates for a measly $119.88, which for 12 months translates to $9.99 a month for a dozen websites.

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