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Puma Swede Review

Puma Swede is the uncontested symbol of modern Swedish Erotica. She’s like a dream come true: blonde, blue-eyed, 5’10 and truly blessed with massive 35G boobs. Who can say no to that? Why would you even want to? With her height, boobs, and beauty, who can say no—especially when she plays a teacher or a boss in her scenes?
Since her launch in 2005, her career has been a steady stream of hot scenes designed specifically to cater to the fantasies of every porn-loving male.
The Puma Swede Website
Here you will find a ton of videos, from solo vids, girl-girl-vids, and boy-girl vids. You’ve got threesomes, bondage scenes, and solo play. There are behind-the-scenes clips and you also have lots of pictures as well. But perhaps what sets this website apart is that you get to see Puma Swede in live camshow action.

As a true porn lover, you probably love more than one porn star, and that’s not a problem. That’s because a membership to the Puma Swede website confers an automatic membership to the VNA Girls network. That’s about 15 girls all in all (including Nikki Benz, Julia Ann, and Vicky Vette, among others), with a website with videos, pictures, and live camshows for each one. To sum it up, you get:

  • More than 40 live camshows a week
  • More than 2,600 cam shows in the archive
  • More than 3,500 videos (many of them in HD)
  • More than 380,000 pictures.

Now who can say no to all these things? This is a virtual treasure trove of all that is good and holy in porn.

Check Out More Free Previews At Puma Swede’s Website Here

The Cost of Membership
Of course, it is very easy to say no if the price is outrageously exorbitant. But you only pay 55¢ a day. That’s not 55¢ a day per site. That’s 55¢ a day for everything. For about 6 live camshows a day, 55¢ is nothing. That’s not even mentioning the archives. And that’s what you pay for when you get a year’s membership at once. It’s just for $199, which is $16.58 a month.
But if for some reason you want a shorter time period for your membership, that’s ok too. Right now there’s a discount offer of $19.95 for a month’s membership. Normally, for the recurring payment scheme (it automatically re-signs you unless you specifically say otherwise) it’s $24.95 a month (83¢ a day), $64.95 for 3 months ($21.95 a month or 72¢ a day), and $94.95 for 150 days ($18.99 a month or 63¢ a day).
For the non-recurring payment scheme, then a month’s membership is $29.95 (99¢ a day), 3 months costs $69.95 ($23.32 a month or 78¢ a day), and 150 days costs $99.95 ($19.99 a month or 67¢ a day).
But really, just get the $199 yearly membership. You’ll need a year to watch 2,600 cam shows and 3,500 videos. And these numbers will obviously increase, since in a year there will be new videos and camshows as well.

Visit Puma Swede’s Website Here

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