See My Sex Tapes Review

In 1968, Andy Warhol predicted that in the future everyone will be famous for 15 minutes. Today, everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame, and a sex tape is a very effective way of getting attention. Pamela Anderson and Paris Hilton became even more famous after their sex tapes came out.

Now you can argue that Pamela and Paris were already famous when the scandals broke out, but you can’t say the same of Kim Kardashian. She was able to secure lasting fame with her sex tape, and even today her reality shows are avidly followed and the paparazzi still stalk her.

So now we come to This is the ultimate sex tape website, and they accept submissions from anyone while other members get to watch.

Features of See My Sex Tapes

There are two ways to view See My Sex Tapes. One way is to see it as an opportunity to get your sex tape out. It’s a one-time deal, and the website managers don’t accept second sex tapes from the same couple after the first one has been accepted.

You need to film the sex tape yourself with your partner, and for now they only accept b/g and lesbian couples. You can’t have a third person holding the camera. You may want to contact the managers directly if you’re engaging in a threesome.

You don’t get to wear masks, so you’re fully identified. But in return not only do you get some level of fame (or notoriety) but you also get $2,500 as payment.

Now as a member, you get to see sex tapes filmed by real couples. Many of the featured women are attractive, but there several categories such as lesbian, MILFs, and chubby chicks.

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Bonus Websites

When you become a member, you also get total access to more than 20 other special websites like this one. These sites include Sorority Sluts, Tit World, Lesbian Ass, Ten (the Erotic Networks), Asian 18, Booty Clip XXX, Fuck Fiesta, and Pornstar Hardcore.

Just in case that is not enough for you, you need to know that the archives in these sites are quite impressive. You actually can see more than 5,000 scenes all in all, and that’s not even including the daily updates.

Membership Costs

Now that you know you have more than 5,000 sex videos waiting for you, you may be worried that it can get expensive. But it’s not. For a two day trial run, it will cost you only $1.99 and for a month (technically 30 days), it will only set you back $29.95. That’s still a dollar a day. But even a month may not be enough for you to see all these many videos, so you should get a 90-day membership instead which only costs $59.85. That’s like paying $19.95 a month.

But if you want a real bargain, go for the 1 year membership. It costs $119.40, and that translates to $9.95 a month. If paying less than $10 a month to access 5,000 videos and daily updates is too much for you, then perhaps you’re fated to spend your days watching free crappy porn.

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