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A Rose by any other name would smell just as sweet. That’s how Will Shakespeare put it, and it’s hard to argue with the Brad himself. And if Shakespeare had seen Selena Rose personally, he’d probably have had a lot more to say about the sweetness of roses. It would probably have made the movie Shakespeare in Love quite a bit more exciting!
For true fans, searching for Selena Rose videos can be a bit problematic. That’s because “Selena Rose” is not just her only name in the porn business. She’s gone with “Selena Bleu” maybe as a nod to her exotic looks. Sometimes that was spelled as Bleou, for some reason no one can say. There was even a time that she used the moniker Sasha Collins, because somehow it made sense to someone that a Russian-Irish name combo was suitable for a Miami bombshell with Cuban roots.
The Official Selena Rose Website
If you are a fan of Selena Rose—and you probably are if you ever stumbled upon one of her videos—then the official Selena Rose website at is your most convenient solution. This is where her best works have been compiled, courtesy of Digital Playground. You get to access all of Selena Roses movies and photos, and there are even some behind the scene footage.
Selena Rose is quite alluring with her slim frame, long brunette hair, and natural look, but for true porn fans, a single girl won’t be enough. And Digital Playground has anticipated this need. That’s because a membership to the Official Selena Rose website grants you automatic membership to the Digital Playground network. Instead of just one girl, you can get to ogle more than 820 girls in hot action.
That’s a total of more than 2,640 scenes in high-def, with more than 450 full Digital Playground movies. And there’s a new movie every week. Add the live cam shows and the behind the scene footage of other hot porn stars, and you’ve got yourself a treasure-trove of high-quality porn. There’s no need to endure grainy partial scenes of Selena Rose when you download her movies (and the movies of hundreds of other girls) and watch them on your huge LED TV.

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Membership Dues
With such a huge volume of porn, you’d think that it will cost you a fortune to get your hands on it. And you’d be wrong. A trial membership costs just $4.95 for three days, which is probably just long enough for you to realize that you need a longer membership than that.
A month-long membership costs $29.95 a month, but for three months it boils down to $19.98 a month. Get an entire year’s membership advance, and you pay only about $10 a month.
Think about it: 2,640 scenes and 450 movies in the archive, with live cam shows and behind the scenes footage, all for $10 a month. And you get about 4 new movies a month. This is a true bargain, and a bargain by any other name is just as sweet too.

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