Stepmom Lessons Review

Ah, the MILF stepmom. Quite a lot of guys find older women attractive, especially when they look hot and attractive for their age. And their age isn’t just a number. It’s proof that they know stuff, and they may be able to teach you a thing or two about sex.

But when the MILF in question is your girlfriend’s stepmom, it’s a picture perfect situation for porn. There’s no actual incest to worry about, although there’s just enough of an incest vibe to make things naughty and interesting. And if the MILF stepmom is willing to engage in a threesome with her stepdaughter and her boyfriend, the result can be explosive.

Check out the Stepmom Lessons website, and you’ll see what we mean.

The Featured Stuff in Stepmom Lessons

The basic conceit in the Stepmom Lessons storyline is simple enough. The MILF stepmom is beautiful and sexually experienced, and she’s kindhearted enough to help out her stepdaughter and her boyfriend to have sex properly. Maybe she teaches him to eat pussy by presenting her own cunt while the stepdaughter watches, or she shows just how a BJ out to be done. She may even show just how the couple can engage in anal sex safely.

There’s a lot of possible storylines, and many of them have already been featured by the rapidly increasing number of videos in the archive. The updates are almost daily, and while only a few months ago there were a dozen or so videos now there are more than 300 in the archives.

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But the membership in the Stepmom Lessons website also offers automatic admission to the Office Obsession website. The entire combo of the two websites can be found in the website, where you can use the navigational tools to find the videos you want. Here, each model comes with a bio and some body figure stats.

The real stars of the show are the videos themselves though. They’re all professionally done, and the beauty of the videos suits the allure of the female pornstars. Every video can be downloaded in 1080p quality, and the bitrate speed is an impressive 12000k.

Even the streaming video is excellent, as you can get them in 1280 x 720 quality. The streaming player is excellent, with smooth playback and the ability to jump ahead when you want.

Even the photosets for each video are great. They’re all in 2495 x 1663 HQ with a professional touch and with very little airbrushing.

Cost of Stepmom Lessons

So how much is the tuition fee for the Stepmom Lessons, which is automatically paired with the Office Obsession website? Actually, it doesn’t cost all that much at all. It’s only a dollar for limited access for two days.

But with videos in this type of quality, you don’t want limited access. You’ll want at least a month’s worth of membership to get unlimited access, and that’s only for $29.95. You can get 3 months at a fair discount for just $59.95, and for a truly huge discount you ought to get a membership for a whole year. It only costs $99.95 and that’s about $8.33 a month.

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