Stepmom Videos Review

There was a time not so long ago (if you’re an old fogey) when the prevailing stereotype for stepmothers was the evil stepmom. I don’t know about you, but that stopped being true for many guys after the concept of MILFs became widespread. If you’re a teenager, then having a hot stepmom opens up a whole realm of possibilities (at least in porn).

Still, the specter of incest can be rather hard to ignore. It’s the same problem with your girlfriend’s mom. Songs like “Stacey’s Mom” may celebrate the attraction, but when you fantasize about threesomes with your girlfriend and her mom, that pesky incest thing rears its ugly head again.

But what about getting it on with your girlfriend and her stepmom? Now that has some porn possibilities. And that’s the niche that Stepmom Videos focuses on.

What You Really Get From Stepmom Videos

If you have any interest in both MILFs and teens, in stepmom vids, and in threesomes, then you’re in luck. All these genres are included in the videos. That’s because the scenes are all MFF scenes that include a young guy, his girlfriend, and her stepmom.

Even though these elements are constant, there’s a nice variety in the plotlines. Sometimes the stepmom seduces the guy and the girlfriend walks in. Or the couple is engaged in sex and the stepmom finds out and joins in. In some cases, the girl asks the stepmom for sex advice and she happily demonstrates the proper techniques with the guy and the girl as well.

Since you have young starlets and MILFs in all scenes, you have a lot of women featured on the site. Many are stars already, and some of the legendary MILF superstars such as Julia Ann and Lisa Ann are there as well.

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It’s a fairly new site, but as of last count there are 71 scenes here already. There of good length ranging from 37 minutes to close to an hour. There are lots of facials, lesbian scenes, and some anal scenes too.

The site is part of the famous BangBros Network, so the quality of the videos is good (as in HD) and there are no download limits. You can stream the videos or download them if you want.

Now as part of BangBros, there’s an even more tempting offer on the table here. When you become a member of Stepmom Videos, you’re also a de facto member of the entire BangBros Network, and that includes the BangBus website and other MILF sites.

Just in case you don’t know what means, then here it is: you get to access all 10,000+ videos in the archives. And you better get started quickly, as every day there are at least two or three more videos added.

How Much Will It Cost You to Join?

When you see numbers like 10,000 attached to a video archive, you probably start imagining the worst when it comes to membership fees. Keep calm and relax. You can try it out for a dollar a day, but that may come with limitations.

Instead, get a membership for a month so there are no limits, and it’s only for $29.95 a month. Or better yet, get a membership for a year. It’s only for $119.40 so that means you’re only paying $9.95 a month.

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