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When discussing porn, it won’t ever be complete if we don’t talk about Wicked Pictures. For most of us, they’ve been in the industry since we can remember. They’ve been at the forefront of the porn industry since the mid-1990s when VHS ruled supreme, and superstars like Chasey Lain and Jenna Jameson were at the top of porn star roost. They haven’t disappeared into the mists of time, even though so many contenders to the throne have emerged since then. They’re still churning out award-winning videos like Inglorious Bitches and Girls with Girls. Their current roster of contract girls includes the phenomenal Asa Akira, who’s been known to say that she really likes the fucking more than getting paid for it. And by the way, she also likes it up the ass.

What to Expect from

So why the history lesson? That’s because we have to establish two facts: Wicked Pictures has been here for a long time, and that during those times they keep on releasing quality porn. Now that we’re talking about, we want you to imagine the huge quantity of videos there are in the Wicked Pictures film archive.

When it comes to HD movies, offers a respectable number (more than 3000) of videos for you to choose from. As it is, it already justifies the membership rates especially when you consider that you will also get weekly updates and even live cams.

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Membership Rates

Speaking of membership rates, they are ludicrously low:

  • 2 Day Trial Membership @ $1
  • 1 Month Membership @ $29.99/month or $1 a day
  • 3 Month Membership @ 67¢ a day (Over 33% Off Regular Price, Billed $59.95 Once Every 3 Months)
  • 12 Month Membership @ 30¢ a day (Over 70% Off Regular Price, Billed $109.88 Once Annually)

For just the HD videos, a yearly membership means it will cost you a negligible 3¢ for every video you download should you be able to download them all within a year (including the updates). Now that’s just the more recent HD videos.

But going to the Wicked Pictures website and becoming a member also means you can access the entire video library that Wicked Pictures still maintains. And that’s 48000 videos! That’s not an extra zero in there—it really is 48 thousand videos. Do the math and figure out just how many videos a penny is buying. For those whose video watching skills is better than their math, 5 videos will cost you a single penny!

So are you actually going to wait while a treasure trove of this magnitude is just waiting for you? Are you sure you’re a porn lover? That’s more than a thousand different porn stars waiting for you to watch them as they suck and fuck, take it in the ass, get gangbanged and then have their faces painted with cum. Never again for the next year or so (or even for the next decade or so) will you have to go to the trouble of finding high-quality porn online. You already have more than 50,000 videos here, waiting for you to claim them. So be a member of now, because heaven awaits in all its naked glory.

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